A. Nicola is my handmade designer jewelry line crafted by wire wrapping. Pieces evolve organically as my creative process unravels. Made with gemstones, freshwater pearls, and miles of wire, the designs will enchant you, while the gemstones will support you in whatever it is you ask in your life.

Whimsical and imaginative pieces are reflective of my background in design and the arts. Every piece is handmade by me, and is therefore, completely unique.

Take a look around the gallery to see more… view details, learn more about materials used, etc. Also be sure to mosey on over to my blog, where I’ve started a Gemstone Guide and a look into the History of Jewelry. Purchases are available via my shop on Etsy.

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The Truth About Citrine

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Citrine Meaning Citrine is a stone known for bringing joy, sunshine, wealth, and money.  Carrying a piece of Citrine in your wallet or purse is believed to attract money into your life.  Citrine... READ MORE

What’s New with A. Nicola Creative?

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It’s been some time since I’ve been able to focus on my wire wrapping.  While my baby boy has been growing into a toddler, it’s been near impossible to find a safe place... READ MORE