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A. Nicola’s Story:

I progressively have become addicted to wire wrapping over the past several years. My fascination began more than a decade ago when I saw a guy selling a small table of impressive abstract wire wrapped rings outside of New York’s Guggenheim Museum.  A friend I was with purchased an abstract-style ring from him that day, and I continued to admire it every time she wore it.  Through the years, I occasionally remembered that piece, curious how to make it.

One day I was feeling crafty, and decided to try my hand at creating something similar.  I tried many times, but never could recreate that piece (and that’s the beauty of wire wrapping I learned much later).  Instead, I made a thousand other rings, which never quite fulfilled me.

wire jewelry designsChristmas was nearing, and I was almost nine months pregnant.  I had no energy, nor desire to waddle through the crowds seeking out gifts for my family.  With an abundance of wire and polished gemstones kicking around, I started wrapping, in the hopes I could make something – anything – half nice enough to give as gifts.  I looked online at various wire weaves and practiced with some tutorials.  Once I had nailed down a few techniques, I was wrapping!  I summoned my background in art and design, and was applied my experience to the craft.

I also have always had a deep magnetism toward gemstones of all kinds. As a child, I was a nerd, and had my own rock and mineral collection.  I had some pretty awesome stones in that collection, and a heavy Audubon rocks and minerals guidebook to geek-out with.  When my parents took me to New York’s Museum of Natural History, I was most excited about the Hall of Gems.  I also feel that rocks have energy and are special pieces of earth, which have spiritual effects on us.  So it’s only instinctive that I wrap nature’s beautiful creations.  Finally, I am making wire jewelry designs that I love.

From the joy I gave to family as Christmas gifts that year, I was encouraged to get this work out from under my shadow.  And with that passion, A. Nicola Creative originated.  I believe A. Nicola will be ever-evolving from my inspirations, and is a true outlet for my personal creative expression.  I feel unlimited by this medium, and am enthused by the future of my passion.

Currently my work is available online through my shop on Etsy.  Future plans include seeking boutiques, galleries, street fairs, and art shows to exhibit at.  I also hope to develop tutorials and teach workshops one day.  I welcome any inquires about my work.  Additionally, I am selling digital artwork on Fine Art America. Here’s a link to the site: digital art for sale.

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