A Profile of Amazonite Meaning

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amazonite meaning

Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite is used to ease irritability, aggression, irrational behavior, and negativity.  The stone provides a calming and harmonious effect.  Wear it to establish a soothing balance in your life.  The stone is also known to enhance truth and communication, and it balances masculine and feminine energies, which may help in relationship dilemmas.

Physically, amazonite is believed to have strong healing abilities, especially in the heart and throat area, which may also enhance communication, as well as comnpassion.  The stone is still notable for healing the body overall.

Amazonite is also known as the “Amazon stone”, as it is believed to have once been obtained from the Amazon River area in Brazil.  Stories are told of Amazon women gifting amazonite to visiting men.  They also used this stone for healing wounds and illnesses.

Amazonite was commonly used in Ancient Egyptian jewelry as well.  It was found adorning the Book of the Dead.  Another example was mounted on a scarab in King Tut’s tomb (Learn more about ancient Egyptian jewelry).

More recently, the stone has been found in Russia, Colorado’s Pike’s Peak, Virginia, Madagascar, Australia, as well as other parts of Brazil.  The opaque light blue-light green color is likely a result of lead and water in feldspar.  Although feldspar is the most common mineral in the world, Amazonite is actually a rare stone, though this rarity is not reflected in its price.

The stone scores a 6-6.5/10 on Mohs’ scale, so it is semi-soft compared to others.  Therefore, care should be taken when wearing and storing to prevent from scratches or fractures.  The stone may be cleaned with warm water and soap.  Avoid extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals.

I hope you will take a look at an amazonite stone I wrapped in sterling silver to create a ring.  The stone’s features are enhanced by a freshwater pearl and blue goldstone.

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