The Truth About Citrine

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Citrine Meaning Citrine is a stone known for bringing joy, sunshine, wealth, and money.  Carrying a piece of Citrine in your wallet or purse is believed to attract money into your life.  Citrine is a stone for positivity and joy, … Continued

What’s New with A. Nicola Creative?

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It’s been some time since I’ve been able to focus on my wire wrapping.  While my baby boy has been growing into a toddler, it’s been near impossible to find a safe place in my home to wrap and trim … Continued

The Jasper Meaning

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Jasper Meaning Jasper comes in many types, but the blanket Jasper meaning that covers every variety is that these stones are nurturing.  Jasper is a stone which protects from negativity.  It is gently balancing and supportive.  It can bring peace during endings.  Physically, Jasper can … Continued

Uncovering the Agate Meaning

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Agate Meaning While there are many beautiful sub-types of agate, the stone in general is known for offering protection.  It is also recognized for balancing and harmonizing.  From here, varying types of agate offer unique strengths. Silver Leaf Agate – … Continued

Amethyst Properties: A Profile

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Amethyst Properties Amethyst is a calming stone which provides wisdom, clarity, and focus.  It can assist in obtaining creativity and intuition, and has long been used in the arts.  It has also been used for support in indulgent behavior such … Continued

A Profile of Amazonite Meaning

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Amazonite Meaning Amazonite is used to ease irritability, aggression, irrational behavior, and negativity.  The stone provides a calming and harmonious effect.  Wear it to establish a soothing balance in your life.  The stone is also known to enhance truth and … Continued

History of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

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Only around three to five thousand years ago, the Egyptians started making jewelry. I’ve always found Ancient Egyptian jewelry to be a particularly impressive body of work, and a personal source of inspiration for my own work. Not because I like gold (I actually hate it), but because of their elaborate approach, and their pioneering and trendsetting ways. When I think of jewelry history in general, the first thing that comes to mind is Egyptian jewels.