The Truth About Citrine

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about-citrineCitrine Meaning

Citrine is a stone known for bringing joy, sunshine, wealth, and money.  Carrying a piece of Citrine in your wallet or purse is believed to attract money into your life.  Citrine is a stone for positivity and joy, so it’s beneficial to those who need a general pick-me-up, and may be helpful for depression.  It is a good stone for use in Chakra cleansing.  Physically, Citrine is known to benefit the digestive system and thyroid.


For thousands of years, Citrine has been used in jewelry.  It was popular during Greece’s Hellenistic Age (300 – 150 BC).  Citrine was also used in 17th century weapon making.  It was popular during Queen Victoria’s time, as she had an an attraction to the stone. Citrine again rose to attention,  where it was heavily used during the Art Deco period.

Citrine would be a stone of the past if, in the 18th century, it has not been discovered that heated Amethysts turn a golden brown color, just like Citrine.  When Smoky Quartz is heated, it turns a light yellow.  Unfortunately, the stone in its natural state is no longer commonly found.

Raw Citrine Copper Pendant with Jasper and Citrine AccentsGemology

Citrine originally was a yellow colored form of quartz.  Citrine has been found in Spain, Scotland, France, Hungary and in other mines overseas.  Today, Brazil is the top producer of Citrine, although it is mined around the world as Amethyst.  Although difficult to tell the difference, heated stones may have lines, while natural stones are cloudy in appearance.

Citrine may be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.  Being a type of quartz, it is quite hard, so it can only be damaged by other materials comparably as hard.  Citrine scores a 7 on Mohs’ scale.  Avoid extreme heat and harsh chemicals.



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