The Jasper Meaning

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Jasper - from Wikimedia Commons

Jasper Meaning

Jasper comes in many types, but the blanket Jasper meaning that covers every variety is that these stones are nurturing.  Jasper is a stone which protects from negativity.  It is gently balancing and supportive.  It can bring peace during endings.  Physically, Jasper can be used to relax the stomach, or for liver and gallbladder health.

Here are some meanings of Jasper types used in A. Nicola jewelry:

Dragon Blood Jasper – Legend claims that this stone is the remains of a dragon, so look to the dragon to understand this stone’s meaning.  The green represents the dragon, and the red, its blood.  This gives its wearer not only the strength of the dragon, but the strength to slay it as well.  This mystical stone offers courage, strength, vitality, and protection.  It is also said to bring money and love.

Impression Jasper – This beautiful stone is said to help its wearer find clarity and bring inner peace.  It helps its wearer find compassion, and assists in emotional healing.  Another name for this stone is “Aqua Terra”, which means “water earth”.

Brown Zebra Jasper – This stone brings joy, endurance, and energy in all walks of life.

Dalmatian Jasper – This spotted Jasper displays a pattern similar to the dalmatian dog.  The black spots contain tourmaline, which brings positivity, luck, and joy.

Jasper is considered highly protective, as it is one of the 12 stones that were set into the walls of Jerusalem.  It has also been found in seals dating from 1800 BC.  The stone has been mentioned in ancient Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Assyrian, Latin, Egyptian, and Persian scripts, so Jasper has been widely popular around the world.  It has also been worn by priests, shamans, and kings.  The stone was mentioned in Ancient Egypt’s Book of the Dead, to be used as a protection for a safe passage into the afterlife.  Read more about Ancient Egyptian jewelry here.

Impression Jasper Wrapped Sterling Silver Bracelet with Jasper AccentGemology
Jasper is an opaque quartz-based rock developed from layers of sediment of volcanic ash.  It is found around the world in multitudes of colors, many rich earthy tones, such as orange-red, browns, or deep yellows.  Some jaspers are blue or green.  Even some are multi-colored.  Whatever their color, the hue intensity comes from Jasper’s oxides of iron.  Its multitude of patterns are made of bands, rings, spots, dots, crackles, bursts, etc.  Jasper types are typically named from their patterns, but some names come from their color or location of origination.

Since jasper contains quartz, it is a relatively hard stone, scoring 6.5-7 on the Mohs’ scale.  Still, care should be taken not to scratch it, which can occur from contact with other gemstones.  Avoid harsh chemicals, hair dye or paint, jewelry cleaners, and extreme heat.  Jasper can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cloth or brush.


To see examples of Jasper in jewelry by A. Nicola, check out a Dragon Blood Jasper Copper Bracelet, a Brown Spot Jasper Gun Metal Copper Pendant, and an Impression Jasper Sterling Silver Bracelet.

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