Why Jewelry Makes the Best Mother’s Day Gift

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best mother's day gift
Garnet Half Hoop Copper Wrapped Earrings

Mother’s Day is a Day to Honor Mom

According to a survey from Overstock.com, “Moms prefer shoes or jewelry over breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day”.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never bought anyone shoes as a gift!  However, jewelry I believe.  I’ve bought and received jewelry for and from women of all ages… especially my Mom!  And I don’t think my Mother and I are unique in this.

But even though giving jewelry to Mom on Mother’s Day might not seem like a new idea, jewelry can be so unique and diverse, it is practically guaranteed to be a special gift.  Jewelry is always memorable.  As much jewelry as I have, I can still remember where every piece came from…which is why I love to buy (ok, my husband buys it) a unique piece every time I travel.

Plus, no woman can ever have too much jewelry!  Just like shoes and clothes.  Even if your closet is spilling over, and your husband wants to kill you…women still want MORE!  Further, the survey also states that 56% of Moms first preferred a gift of earrings, with necklaces ranking a close second, and bracelets third.

According to Forbes.com, jewelry is one of the top five gifts we spend billions on for Mom.  It’s a likely bet that jewelry is the best Mother’s Day gift, so consider surprising Mom with a unique handcrafted piece.  It will show her you have great taste, AND she’ll be relieved by the affirmation that she raised you right! 😉

This is my first Mother’s Day as a Mom, so I don’t have too much experience, but I suspect any jewelry my son chooses for me would be very special to my heart for years to come.


FACT: In the 1870s, women whose sons died in the Civil War got together in peace groups.  Mother’s Day began in the U.S because of these groups. 

FACT: Did you know that Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world most often in Spring?  That means that Australians celebrate their Moms in October!

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