A beautiful round rust-colored matte silverleaf agate is adorned in copper wire wrapping.  The copper is oxidized to give an antiqued look.  The ring shank is very smooth and a comfortable wear.

About Agate
While there are many beautiful sub-types of agate, the stone in general is known for offering protection.  It is also recognized for balancing and harmonizing.  Dream Agate is a soothing stone, which fosters love and nature.  Said to offer protection from bad dreams. (Note: stones that are referred to as “Dream Agate” are only identifiable as heat-treated natural agate.  Therefore, the general agate meaning, along with the description here should apply to its use).  Agates are often dyed, heat-treated, or crackled to enhance the stone’s appearance, so they sometimes they might look different from how nature intended them.
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Includes a silver organza gift/storage bag.

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  • Ring shank size: 6
  • Crown size: Crown size: 2.9 cm width x 2.2 cm height x 1 cm depth
  • Materials: Copper wire wrapped, antiqued with patina
  • Stones: Silverleaf Agate