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Cauley Square
Cauley Square

It’s been some time since I’ve been able to focus on my wire wrapping.  While my baby boy has been growing into a toddler, it’s been near impossible to find a safe place in my home to wrap and trim wires.  It’s also hard to find the time to dedicate to my hobby.  It doesn’t help that I’m in the midst of earning a Master’s degree, and working 20 hours a week providing design work for a company.  Fortunately, I am able to do all of this from home, so the extra time that I could be commuting is time spent on better things…potentially wire wrapping!

Well, I finally gave in and went to Ikea looking for a small table to squeeze into our tiny living space-turned-playground.  My husband is staining it right now, as Ikea is always good at making you work extra hard for your furniture.  With this table, I plan to be able to work more on my wire wrapping, keeping my projects out of the intense curiosity of my little toddler.  I hope I’m not underestimating the climbing power of my toddler…whom has been growing increasingly more agile and Spiderman-like.  If for nothing else, then at least the table will establish in my son’s mind that we are not just Neanderthals who eat off our laps.

One of my great motivations for getting back to wire wrapping is an exciting crystal shop I’ve been visiting a lot lately.  It’s new, and is in Cauley Square, in the Homestead area, right on US 1.  It’s called Sacred Rock Stars, and they have an excellent selection of stones and crystals.  Although I do much of my wire wrapping around stones that are actually beads (need to have drilled holes), I can’t resist purchasing unique stones that I’ve been able to handpick myself.  And so now my efforts are back where I first begun wire wrapping… figuring out best ways to wrap stones into jewelry…without the bead holes.  Sure, I could attempt to drill holes…I even bought the drills.  But it’s scary, and not something I want to try with a toddler around.

Before the holidays, Sacred Rock Stars will be making room to carry some of my pieces, along with other local artists.  So, I’ve been feeling extra motivated to get wrapping.  I’ve also been thinking lately about writing some tutorials for my jewelry.  This is partly tempting because my Master’s degree is in Instructional Design, and so it’s good practice for me.  But also because it’s fun, and I want to teach something I love.

I feel there is a lot in the works for reviving my hobby, and hopefully I will have time to keep at it, as well as keeping this site up-to-date with the happenings.  If not here, then at least on the A. Nicola Facebook page.  Stay tuned…

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  1. That crystal shop sounds amazing!! I love crystals and natural stones. Can’t wait to see more of your work. Tutorials sound intriguing. I’d also like to know what each crystal is supposed to represent energy wise.

    • Thanks, Jen, the shop is great! I’ve been wrapping stones every moment I get, so I hope to finish the pieces, photograph them, and start posting some of the new ones soon! Will definitely include some info about the crystal meanings, too.

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